Where would we be without our hot water?

Hot water is something we rely on daily, mostly without ever even thinking about it - showers and baths, laundry, cleaning...

The average life span of a hot water tank is usually about 10 years. Okanagan Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd offers hot water tank maintenance to help keep your hot water tank working in top condition for as long as possible.


  • check pilot safety
  • clean pilot
  • adjust air band
  • check temperature setting
  • check for signs of rust and corrosion (leads to leak or burst in tank)
  • clean burners
  • clean chamber area (from soot build-up)

BEFORE YOU CALL: Know the difference between setting up an annual maintenance appointment and a service call.

Being mindful of your system's maintenance is important to you and your serviceman. Determining the difference between maintenance and service is relatively simple and saves you time and money! Maintenance is virtually an “oil change” for your equipment. This keeps everything operating at prime levels. This is a simple annual tune-up and cleaning of your equipment. So if everything is in working order and just needs a fine tuning, MAINTENANCE is where it's at.

Service/Diagnostic involves repair when a unit is not working properly, not working at all, or is experiencing anything out of the normal daily functions.

When should you replace :

  • When the cost of the repairs is about 50% or more of the cost of replacement
  • When the unit requires frequent repairs
  • When humidity problems signal operating issues
  • When the Warranty has expired

When should you repair :

  • When the cost of repairs is less than one third the cost of a new unit
  • When the unit is less than 10 years old
  • When the unit is still under warranty.

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